Imagine having the ability to plate almost anything you want plated in pure GOLD 


Electroplating Courses and Electroforming Courses for all


First of all I would like to say the service from yourself and your company has been second to none from the first conversation we had . As for your packages they are the best for some one wanting to get into the gold plating business or hobby.

But as for business advice and support you provide is absolutely perfection, no matter what business a individual wants to do, the thing people lack is business support and after care from companies and u guys are the best that I have ever met.

Having that kind of advice and support is very valuable, like I said money can’t buy and what you offer is a no brainer for any business minded person.


The training received from Terry -Gold Solution- was extremely informative, provided clear direction and has enabled me to form a clear vision for the coming months and onwards. The use of social media is clearly an essential tool in the development and progress of the business, I will certainly need to develop my knowledge in this sector.

However, through the training and Terry's vast experience and insight I gained a mass of useful information and tools to enable me to move forward.


Just wanted to thank you all at Gold Solutions for another incredible service. I have recently been using your marketing services, and utilising your advice to improve my website, my business profile has taken huge leaps and enquiries are increasing weekly. I love the targeted email campaigns, as they not only increase brand awareness but bring in more of the work I enjoy doing. The more I learn from you guys the more I earn, I would totally recommend this service for anyone serious about increasing their revenue. Cheers


Had the pleasure of getting taught how to gold plate by Terry of Gold Solutions,

Incredible insite into the business side of things as well as teaching me the numerous processes. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get involved in this industry.


I found the Gold Solutions website via a simple google search, as I wanted to explore other options that were available to me in the field of electroplating,

I thought that choosing to purchase products from a well-established equipment supplier was a far superior choice to the alternatives I had previously looked at.

I found the website very simple to use and informative and when I called to ask about different kit options, everyone I spoke to was extremely helpful and friendly, I can honestly say dealing with Gold Solutions is a genuine pleasure, everyone I have corresponded with has displayed levels of professionalism and efficiency that I have never experienced, they really are in a league of their own.

I recommend Gold Solutions very highly, and I am most looking forward to developing my and expanding my business with their support.

I chose the at home training option because I thought it was a great service for a company such as Gold Solutions to offer, I was trained by Terry and he really is a very knowledgeable guy, very professional and concise in his explanation and in his practice, his training and advice came with a great sense of clarity, as well as a sense of humour. So, in conclusion I would like to thank Gold Solutions and recommend them to anyone wishing to enter this exciting and rewarding enterprise.


Welcome to the magical world of the Gold Plating Kit Training and Start-Up Business Consultancy

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